Unlock Xiaomi Redmi 8 Without Password

How To Unlock Xiaomi Redmi 8 Without Password or PIN

We all forget our Xiaomi Redmi 8 unlock PIN, pattern or password occasionally. It can be more than just a nuisance and you always want to get it back quickly to minimize interruptions. Here we show you exactly how fast and easy it is to unlock Xiaomi Redmi 8 without necessarily doing a factory reset.

Security mechanisms are a must-have on any device to protect your account and confidential data. The most common security feature is a screen lock. That involves a 4-digit PIN and a security lock pattern that provide a fairly good, medium-strength security defense.

Stronger security measures would include a long or complex password as well as a biometric data lock. Unlock the lock screen on Xiaomi Redmi 8 without password with our powerful new online tool. No software or app to download, no cables to connect, no need to hook your phone up to a computer – just click and go! Simply browse to our new tool, PassBypass.
Xiaomi Redmi 8
No need for a factory reset and you will not lose any data. As well as telling you how our online unlock tool works, we will also describe several other methods to unlock a forgotten password or pattern lock on your Xiaomi Redmi 8. Read on for more information!

Option #1 – Use our online unlock tool “PassBypass”

Our online unlock tool, PassBypass, is a free web-based application that you can access through your device’s browser. It generates a special unlock code matching your phone’s IMEI. This unique code can access special Android functions in your Xiaomi Redmi 8.
The special unlock code that PassBypass generates will only work on the device that matches the IMEI code and OS version. It achieves higher success rates when it knows what OS version is installed – somewhere in the region of 90% success. But you can make repeated attempts if you don’t succeed first time.
Top 6 benefits of using PassBypass:
  • #1 – Does not impact your warranty and cannot damage your device
  • #2 – No computer or special cables required
  • #3 – Takes less than 5 minutes to unlock your device
  • #4 – Bypasses every type of Xiaomi Redmi 8 screen lock
  • #5 – Unlocks any Xiaomi Redmi 8 device including latest releases
  • #6 – No software app to download and install, just use your phone’s browser
Cool, isn’t it? Get started now and unlock your Xiaomi Redmi 8 lock password in the next 5 minutes!
Just follow these 3 steps:
  • #1 - Tell PassBypass your device’s IMEI
    Find your device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity ) in seconds. Just make a call to *#06# and the IMEI will appear on your screen. Then navigate online in your browser to PassBypass Tool and paste or enter the IMEI code.
  • #2 – Select your device manufacturer and Android OS version
    You know your device is Xiaomi Redmi 8 but you need to tell that to PassBypass because it can unlock devices from almost all manufacturers, such as Google, Motorola, Nokia, LG, ZTE, Oppo, Sony, Xiaomi and more. So select device name and also which Android version is installed.
  • #3 – Now PassBypass will generate your unique unlock code
    Now just give PassBypass a few minutes to work its magic using the information you gave it. The result is a unique unlock code that enables you to activate special functions in your phone or tablet. Once you have entered that unlock code, your Xiaomi Redmi 8 device is immediately unlocked.

Option #2 – Use Android Device Manager

Find My Device is a super benefit of linking your device to Google. What many people do not know is that it also enables you to configure a new password and lock screen. First, you must have switched on that option in both Google and in your device.

Here’s how to set your new lock screen:
  • From a different device or your computer, sign in to google.com/android/find
  • Google then displays your locked devices – select the one you want
  • Select LOCK in the menu of options and delete the existing screen lock
  • Type in a new password.

Option #3 – Reset the PIN or password by factory reset

Warning: Doing a factory reset deletes all data and apps from your device, restoring it to the way it was when it left the factory.
  • Switch off your Xiaomi Redmi 8 phone
  • Simultaneously press and hold down the Power and Volume buttons for about 15 seconds
  • Your phone will then display menu options on the screen
  • Navigate up and down the menu options using Volume up & down to erase data and do the factory reset. Then press the Power button.
  • Confirm your decision by pressing the Power button again
  • When the factory reset has completed, select the Reboot System Now option

Option #4 – Use the password remover tool

This process uses your computer, so first connect your Xiaomi Redmi 8 to your computer with a USB cable. Download the tool to your computer using the Download button below. Then follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the tool to fix your Xiaomi Redmi 8 forgotten password, PIN or lock pattern.

  • Step #1 - After downloading the password remover tool to your computer, run the app and connect to your Xiaomi Redmi 8. It will present you with 2 options – (1) Remove all data after the pattern/password has bene unlocked or (2) Remove the password only and do not delete the data. Make your choice now.
  • Step #2 – The tool will identify which firmware version is installed in your phone and find device’s latest version that allows you to bypass the lock screen on your Xiaomi Redmi 8. Proceed with downloading that new firmware.
  • Step #3 – It may take up to 10 minutes to download the new firmware to your phone. Access your device’s database, find the update option, start the firmware download and the authenticate it.
  • Step #4 – Finally, after the download has finished, use the UNLOCK option to remove the existing PIN, pattern lock or password. It can take up to 3 minutes to do this.