How to call with a hidden or private number

Sometimes we wonder how to call with a hidden or private number because we are concerned about our privacy, or we do not want the other person to be able to call us back, especially if we contact a company.

The funny thing is that getting it is very simple, because it is an option that all operators accept. It is not very well known, but the hidden or private number has been available for many years. We are going to see how to do it both from the operating system of our smartphone and using a code.

Hidden number from Android mobiles

It is easy to know how to call a hidden or private number by configuring our smartphone, although there are different options depending on the operating system. In the case of Android, it changes slightly depending on the manufacturer, and is modified from the application settings to make calls.

We must carry out this process with the SIM of the telephone number entered in the mobile, since in reality it makes a request to the operator, so perhaps the private number setting will not even appear if there is no SIM in the terminal.

In the Google Phone app (used by Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus and Google Pixels, among others), it is done in this menu:

Phone App -> Menu -> Settings -> Caller accounts -> More features -> Caller ID and call waiting -> Hide number

We will also see other popular brands, starting with Xiaomi, which opts for this route:

Phone app -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Caller ID -> Hide number

Here’s how it’s done on Samsung phones today:

Phone App -> Menu -> Settings -> Other call settings -> Show caller ID

This is the process in Huawei and Honor:

Phone App -> Settings -> SIM 1 / SIM 2 -> Issuer ID -> Hide number

Hidden number on an iPhone

In Apple mobiles it is easy to activate the hidden number, since its iOS operating system is practically identical in all iPhone models. This is the menu to follow:

Settings -> Phone -> Show Caller ID -> Disable

Private number on a one-time call
If we do not want to configure anything on the mobile, we will also explain how to call in a hidden or private number by means of a code that we will put before the number we call. It is a fast and comfortable system, which only requires memorizing the code.

When we call from a mobile number it is as follows:

#31# + phone number

Instead, when calling from a landline it would be this system:

#61# + phone number

That is, we only have to add the sequence #31# before the number we are calling, without space in between. For example, we would type #31#12344567890 and press the call icon.

In addition, if we are going to call a specific number always in private, it is possible to save it in the phone book with the prefix, thus saving us from dialing it.

Activate and deactivate the hidden number with codes

The private number can be activated by codes that we will use in the phone app, like a call, but without starting a conversation. In this case, the calling number is not put before, because the effect is permanent.

These are the two options:

#31# + call button: activates permanent hidden number.
*31# + call button: deactivates permanent hidden number.

The purpose of the hidden number is to keep our number safe from prying eyes, not to use it for evil purposes. If we use this feature incorrectly (for example, to threaten someone) we may be reported, and law enforcement may find out that the number is ours anyway.

In addition, the hidden call does not always work, the emergency lines are allowed access to our number (police, firefighters, medical emergencies, etc.) even if we try to hide it. Private users do not have this possibility, and many people do not answer private calls, because they think they are being contacted to sell them something.

Therefore, calling a hidden or private number is simple, but we must use it with common sense and responsibility when using this possibility, since it will be possible to identify ourselves in certain circumstances.

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