Honeytrap’ model faces life for luring lover to be murdered in bloody beating

A model is facing life in jail for ­luring a lover to be murdered.

The “honeytrap”, Coral Breanne Edgar, was seen “mopping up” after the bloody beating of Lee McKnight, a court heard.

She and her mum Carol were among a gang of six convicted of his murder.

Early last year Coral, 26, was in an intimate relationship with Mr McKnight, 26.

But the drug dealer and hotel worker was a “marked man” who went to ground owing a large drug debt to “middle man” Jamie Davison, who in turn was in debt to drug gangs.

In a bid to coax him out of hiding, Davison enlisted the help of Edgar, who had fallen into drug addiction.

During a late night Snapchat exchange, Edgar persuaded Mr McKnight to visit her in Carlisle, Cumbria.

He took a taxi to her address in the early hours of July 24 last year, but was attacked almost as soon as he stepped through the door, Carlisle crown court was told.

Davison used “hired muscle” Arron Graham and Jamie Lee Roberts.

The six blamed each other, with Roberts describing Davison as a “psychopath”.

Mr McKnight was punched, kicked, stamped on and beaten about the head over two hours.

Blood was splattered around the room and loud music and cries of pain were heard by neighbours.

He suffered 36 blunt force trauma wounds to the head, many with a diamante-handled riding crop, owned by Coral’s mother Carol.

No medical help was sought by occupants of the property, the trial heard.

Gravely injured, he was bundled into a Nissan which was driven through ­Carlisle, down a track and across a field.

He was still alive when he was dumped in the River Caldew, where his body was found by a farmer.

Edgar told jurors she played no part in any criminal plan, nor the beating.

But prosecutor Tim Evans suggested of the Snapchat messages: “The arrangement was to get him there, promise him staying the night for sex…so the attack Davison planned could take place.”

She denied this.

The gang, from Carlisle, were found guilty of murder.

Roberts, 18, his dad Paul Roberts, 51, who threw away a phone and burned clothes after the murder, Davison and Graham, both 26, Carol Edgar, 47, and Coral Edgar, 26, will all be sentenced later.

Senior investigating officer Det Supt Dave Stalker said: “This is an extremely unusual set of circumstances for Cumbria, in terms of scale, severity and impact within the locality.

“I hope the manner in which it has been dealt with and outcome will reassure the public.”